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Who has your ear?

A few weeks ago, the Lord said to me: Chanel, too many voices…. At first, I was confused and pondered on the meaning. As I reflected, I realized that many who heard about what I was doing had an opinion about how it could be fulfilled. Outside of the physical voices, I recognized something powerful.…

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Ginger Tea

I picked my my phone today, And put it down again. I picked it up and put down because Like ginger tea, of lates, it gives me all the feels. Every day, normal things suddenly is too much to bear Because suddenly, of lates, like ginger tea, They give me all the feels. My favourite…

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Lonely and Alone

This one is tough guys. This one is hard to write. Last week, much to my amazement, I heard myself saying, “I’ve changed this year. I feel much lighter.” It was strange but I’ve never thought much beyond the changes that I had felt in my gut needed to be made. Neither did I examine…

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The Subject of Crying

Maybe no one told you that there was strength in your tears. – Kelly Clarkson I used to be one of those females who believed that crying was a sign of weakness. Well, it should be the flip as crying doesn’t show that you are weak but rather that you have strength. It takes strength…

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The Christmasy Feeling

So Christmas is (counting on fingers) three days away and everywhere I go I’m seeing vivid images of this. So far I’ve loved the Christmas tree made from recycled bottles and the Rudolph cars that I’ve been seeing all over the place.

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