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As I knelt praying a few moments ago, I found myself reflecting on how I was almost four years ago and immediately I felt thankful. Sometimes we take the simple things for granted but if we just take a moment to look back… If you would just take a moment to remember where He brought…

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My Wingman, Javahan

I’m feeling a bit sentimental today. My wingman, squadie and partner-in-crime for the past two years is moving away today… When I say moving, it’s not moving like 2 minutes away like he has been for the past 2 years but moving like almost 3 hours away :(. I feel this one to my heart…

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Pass IT on

Today I was reminded of a little song that we used to sing in primary school. I haven’t heard this song in years but it holds a message that I hope will resonate with you. It begins with you! So pass IT on! I couldn’t find a nice video so I’m going to share the…

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