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First Crushes and Loves

Today, at lunch, a conversation about giving the bird and the bees talk turned into our outrageous actions done in the name of primary school crushes. I found myself fondly remembering my first crush. I was a nine-year old who had just moved to a new area. Moving meant leaving all my friends behind and…

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A man after God’s own heart

I don’t know about you guys but this summer seems to be the engagement season! I turn my back for a few seconds and by the time I turn around, I hear that another friend or acquaintance is married! Okay, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but you get the point. In recent times, I’ve not been…

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It Was Your Eyes

Lonely. All alone in a crowded world. Two orbs meet two. No words spoken, Conversation beholden, Crinkles greet, Face red heat. I’m lost and held In a moment I see, In a sea. A sea that was your eyes. XOXO Chañel

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The Subject of Crying

Maybe no one told you that there was strength in your tears. – Kelly Clarkson I used to be one of those females who believed that crying was a sign of weakness. Well, it should be the flip as crying doesn’t show that you are weak but rather that you have strength. It takes strength…

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Tell Them Now

When I was in my late teens I attended the funeral of a woman who had just barely touched my life. What stayed with me was the way persons spoke about her! She had touched so many lives and done so much good. I decided then and there that I wanted to live my life…

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Be very sure

One of the things I never want to have to deal with is a man who is not sure he wants me. A man unsure of how he wants to stand with you will never give you want you need. I remember when one of my best friends met his fiancée. He told me, “Chan,…

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Contemplations at 23

April 16 was my last day as a 23-year old. I’ve been very contemplative as I review the year that I have gone through. The highs, the lows and the in-betweens. As usual, I’ve learnt a few lessons that I want to share. Laughter and smiles are important: Life will never be fulfilling unless you remember…

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