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Election Craziness

So after a very very very long day at work, I decided to head home instead of going jogging like I had planned to. The only thing is I had forgotten that today, PNP, the ruling party, was scheduled to have a rally in the nearest town to my home. This is where my misery…

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It’s about YOU

Hi loveys. Today I’m just leaving you some self-empowerment. Wherever you are, just whisper these 6 things. Well if you feel like shouting them, go ahead :)! Believe them, walk in them because you DO matter. XOXO Chañel

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I Have A Mad Man Friend

Every morning, whether I’m on my way to work or church, I try to greet each person I pass with a smile and a good morning. It makes me feel good even when I’m in a bad mood and makes me feel even better when the person responds. A few years ago I moved to…

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Social Media: Just for Likes?

Last week I was browsing Facebook when I came across a photo of a dead woman with the caption “My grandmother is dead.” To my surprise, this photo had garnered over 50 likes. My immediate reaction was “what the hell are you liking?” If you like something, doesn’t it generally means that you are in support…

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