Who has your ear?

A few weeks ago, the Lord said to me:

Chanel, too many voices….

At first, I was confused and pondered on the meaning.

As I reflected, I realized that many who heard about what I was doing had an opinion about how it could be fulfilled. Outside of the physical voices, I recognized something powerful. As time stretched, I allowed the voices associated with my feelings and fears to talk to loudly.

One night, I sat before the Lord, in tears, pleading with Him to speak to me because I desperately needed clarity and to hear from Him. I heard Him clearly say to me:

Your mind right now is chaotic. You will not hear me over the noise. Go take a shower and lie down. I will speak to you when you are more still.

They were well-meaning and trying to protect me (yes even my feelings and fears) but it became hard for me to hear:

  1. God, the One who gave me the mandate and promise.
  2. The persons I truly needed to hear; the ones who believed and fought with me in faith.

And the more I heard the many voices, the more I unknowingly shifted from some fundamental insights and promises that God initially gave me. My actions were propelled by my fears and feelings and people’s perception of what I needed to thrive.

I didn’t realize this until I slowed down and paused. Then I begun to hear the still small voice of God. Only then could He show me me. Because I was no longer rushing, I could come face-to-face with the truth “I’d been listening and tuning myself to everything else but the One I needed to hear from.”

I had chosen to lean on my own and the understanding of others. I said I trusted God and His word but I had forgotten to acknowledge Him in all my ways and allow Him to lead my path even when it looked nothing like I envisioned it would or it didn’t seem to make sense.

And doesn’t that suck when God is the one who should be giving us direction?

My friend, the purpose God gave you will change nations and generations. So, protect your ear. Close your ear to the multiple voices and tune it to only the ones you know you are meant to hear.

💥 Whomever has your ear also has your faith (Romans 10:17).

💥 Whomever has your ear impacts your purpose.

And one other thing…

You can hire and talk to persons who has similar experiences and can provide insights. You can speak to pastors and prophets. You can seek the advice of friends and follow the traditions of your family. They may be experts at what they do but they may not be experts at WHAT and HOW you are meant to do it. And sometimes, even they themselves won’t understand why you are called do something a certain way, especially if it is a path they have never walked and would never dream of walking (because it is taboo…).

🔥That’s why hearing God is SO critical! He has the blueprint and roadmap for the promise and vision He gave you. God gave you the vision and promise, don’t forget to tune your ear to Him.

The Point? I assure you there is one… 🙂


Whomever has your ear controls your purpose and faith. If you tune your ear to everyone but God, you will be led in every direction but the one God wants you to go in. Even if you keep on the correct path, you may end up being toss to and fro because you are being led by people’s perspectives versus the plans God has for you. Tune your ear to the one who gave you the promise and vision. Tune your ear to God and watch the amazing things that will happen.

P.S. Last Sunday, Transformation Church preached a sermon around the same topic titled “The Circle of Faith“. Check it out below.

Thank you for stopping by and making a discovery by design. I would love to hear your testimony, tell me about a time you allowed everyone but God to have your ear. What was the outcome? Share your story in the comments section, below.

I would love to pray with you. If you have a prayer request, drop me an email here or at discoverbydesign@outlook.com.

“May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favour and give you peace” – Numbers 6: 23-26


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