Month: October 2021

Who has your ear?

A few weeks ago, the Lord said to me: Chanel, too many voices…. At first, I was confused and pondered on the meaning. As I reflected, I realized that many who heard about what I was doing had an opinion about how it could be fulfilled. Outside of the physical voices, I recognized something powerful.…

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Ginger Tea

I picked my my phone today, And put it down again. I picked it up and put down because Like ginger tea, of lates, it gives me all the feels. Every day, normal things suddenly is too much to bear Because suddenly, of lates, like ginger tea, They give me all the feels. My favourite…

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A Game of Pretense

Earlier, I sat in the 40-Day Bible Study time that I’ve been doing with a friend. Before we started, she shared with me an experience that she had that had shocked her. In concluding her story, she made a statement along the lines of: Is it a normal thing? It isn’t normal for me for…

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