The Story I’ll Tell

Within the space of a week I experienced opposite spectrum results for promises God made to me.

In March 2020, after spending a week seeking His face, God set me on two paths (there were others but I want to focus on these two). Both paths were filled with hurdles and at times I found myself questioning God but He always told me to stay the path.

Earlier this week, one of those promises came to life exactly as God had told me. I cried as I heard how He orchestrated things in one location within the same period that He was giving me my commission. I felt my faith renewed. After months of small doubts but still being obedient (sometimes slowly), I had tangible proof that truly I was hearing His voice. It wasn’t all in my head. I felt grateful, especially when I recognized how that commission would eventually lead to the fulfilment of my vision to utilize my time and talents to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible. I was on a high.

While I rode the high of the manifestation of the first promise, I faced a whirlwind surrounding the second promise. It was so strange because although the road hadn’t been easy and there were doubts and fears, this was the promise I felt the most certain about. Then came the end of the week. Everything around that promise seemed to fall apart. It seemed like I am left empty-handed with nothing to show for all the faith and trust that I had demonstrated. It seems I was left tired and empty despite following most (progression not perfection) of the directions God had given and watching Him show His presence and confirmation to all involved.

It became a question of faith. What do I now do? Do I believe that He directed me about one promise and not the other? Do I ignore all the signs that He had given as it relates to this promise? I was totally torn.

As I sat torn, God took me down memory lane. I remembered the many times over the last two weeks when I sat, crying, at His feet and He reminded me that He was a Man of His Word and sent a word telling me to trust Him and stay the path. I believed in Him then. I remembered the three random conversations that I had this week in which I exhorted others to trust God and move as He directed because He had oversight of the entire picture. I believed in Him then. I remembered how, after hours of staying in bed, crying and feeling sorry for myself and questioning Him, He told me to get up and begin writing and here I am birthing this post and feeling encouraged. My conclusion on this matter of faith…? I still trust Him and I am believing in Him now.

I wonder how David must have felt when God made him a promise yet he had to go on the run because Saul wanted him dead? After his victory over Goliath and all the promising events afterwards, it must have sure left him with many doubts and in a state of confusion to have his world and the path of God’s promise uprooted. The promise must have looked dead but David maintained his trust in God and years later, as we know from his story, He becomes king. God’s promise to him was fulfilled.

Yesterday, TRIBL music launched a new song called “The Story I’ll Tell”. You guys need to check it out (see below). It’s a pretty awesome song. 😀

When I heard the song, I was overwhelmed by tears and a feeling of gratefulness as recognized how many stories I had to tell. I found myself reflecting on the many dark hours I had faced when it was hard to see what God was doing and I had to look at the ruins and wonder where it would lead. But looking down through the years, I look on those moments and see God’s hand on those situations and know He was there.


This song remained stuck in my head and has been replayed so many times. Today, even as God’s promise to me seems to fall apart and believing gets hard and I can’t see what God’s doing, I know that He’s proving He’s the God that comes through. I don’t know how this story will end or if the promise will play out the way I wanted but I’m certain of one thing: The hour is dark but one day I will testify that my God did not fail. I know it is well. That’s the story I’ll tell.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Do you have any stories to tell about a time when the hour was dark but God did not fail? I would love to hear about and be encouraged by your experience in the comments section, below. 🙂

“May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favour and give you peace” – Numbers 6: 23-26


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