It Will Fit in Due Season – Part 1

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I bought a lovely blue dress about three years ago, on an impulse. I eagerly awaited the package’s arrival but much to my disappointment, when it arrived, there was something wrong! The dress was too big for my slender frame. Disappointed, I hung it up and forgot about it.

Two years later, my best friend got married. Hunting for a dress amongst the clothing I owned, I came across the dress. I fell in love with it all over again. I tried it on. Again much to my disappointment, though it fit better than the last time, its fit was still not perfect. Swallowing my disappointment, I once again banished the dress to a hanger.

In the midst of reorganizing, following a relocation, I came across the dress. As I made to throw it away in the give-away pile, a voice stopped me: “Suppose it fits this time?” I stopped. With reluctance I shifted the dress over my head and was shocked. This time it fit perfectly! Amazed, I dashed to my mirror and did a twirl to check how I looked from all angles. After three years, my dress felt like it was made for me. It was then the thought dropped in my spirit: “It will fit in due season.”

I can’t help but think about David. He was anointed king long before he was actually appointed king. Like my dress and I, maybe he thought that once he was anointed, he would have been immediately fit for the role and perhaps be taken to the palace to be appointed. Instead, he was sent back to the fields. The role was still too big for him. He was not ready.

Eventually, he was called to the palace. I can just imagine his excitement. Maybe his time had finally come! After all, he had killed a lion and a bear and had been anointed. But again the fit was not quite right. He was called to the palace as a musician. He was called to serve the one he was anointed to succeed.

Can you imagine how he would have felt after killing Goliath and hearing the songs that declared him better than Saul? Yet still, his season had not yet come. The role did not yet fit. He was not ready.

One of the things I love about David was his attitude during the wait. Declared a man after God’s own heart, though he was anointed, he waited to be appointed. He waited and served patiently during the seasons when it seemed like his time had surely come. He didn’t try to hasten God and make the timing of his fit come faster by killing Saul when he had the opportunity. He waited patiently and when his time came, his role fitted him perfectly.

Don’t rush the process. Don’t become impatient and throw away your purpose. Trust the pace of Grace. Once God has ordained it, whatever you are waiting for will fit in due season.

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