Bible in 365 Days – Day 23

Focus Chapters:

  • Job 15-18


Standout Verse(s):


Job 16:4-5 NLT

I could say the same things if you were in my place. I could spout off criticism and shake my head at you.

But if it were me, I would encourage you. I would try to take away your grief.


Observation (s):

  1. There are two ways to deal with people who are suffering. You can either offer criticism and judgement or encouragement.

    I could spout off criticism and shake my head at you.

    But if it were me, I would encourage you. I would try to take away your grief.



A few years ago, it became tradition for me to pass a man of unsound mind on my way to catch my taxi. On these occasions, I would say “Good morning.” before continuing on my way. He never answered. One morning, I broke tradition. To my surprise, he was the one who said “Good morning.” after I had passed.

One afternoon he stopped me and proceeded to tell me, quite bitterly, about something bad that had occurred to him that day. I could barely understand a word of what he had said but I stood and listened and offered encouragement. When he was finished, he thanked me and continued on his way. Since then, that man has never passed me without acknowledging my presence.

An encouraging presence means a lot to someone who is having a hard time. Sometimes, if you have no words of encouragement to portray, your silent presence or hugs can mean the difference between a person giving up and pushing to another day. Don’t choose the way of Job’s friends. Don’t be the last nail in someone’s coffin. Pronouncing judgement is never your responsibility. Choose to encourage.



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I am a dynamic young lady who loves the Lord and seek to have a joy that no one can take away. My all-time favourite thing to do is gaining discoveries by design from My Father during our time each day. Reading, learning and trying new things falls behind in a close second place. My dream is to use my God-given talents to positively impact as many people as possible. As a proud Wolmerian, with a zest for life, I adhere to the “Age Quod Agis” motto in that whatsoever I do, I always do it to the best of my ability.

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