Lessons Learned From Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath

So guys! On a chance encounter, I learnt about Malcolm Gladwell and how thought-provoking his writing was. I looked him up on TED Talk and sure enough I fell in love. Here are 10 lessons learnt from Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath.

  1. Your acknowledged strength can also be the source of your biggest weakness.
  2. You don’t have to play the same game that everyone else is playing. As a smaller opponent, you are likely to lose. Use the most unexpected strategy.
  3. What is considered an advantage can quickly become a disadvantage.
  4. Making choices should never be the simple case of selecting a best option and a second-best option. It should be a choice between two very different options, each with its own strengths and drawbacks. There are times and places where it is better to be a Big Fish in a Little Pond than a Little Fish in a Big Pond, where the apparent disadvantage of being an outsider in a marginal world turns out not to be a disadvantage at all.
  5. Being born or faced with disadvantages can force you to develop skills that would have otherwise lain dormant.
  6. When you experience what you had first feared, you stop being afraid of being afraid. That’s when the exhilaration kicks in. You have faced fear and won.
  7. It is possible to emerge from the darkest hell healed and restored. 
  8. Forgiveness is as powerful as revenge. It is up to you to decide the kind of impact you want that power to have.
  9. Challenge the status quo. It is not always right and rarely ever break barriers!
  10. The powerful are not as powerful as they seem – nor the weak as weak.

    So tell me, what are your thoughts on lessons highlighted above?


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