5K Run – A Lesson in Endurance


So, crazy me decided that instead of staying in my bed like a good little girl on a Sunday morning, I was up by 5:00 am and ready to do a 5K run at 6:15 am. I must say that I thought I would die especially since I chose to do the run instead of the walk.

Honestly, at times in the race, I did think I was dying. At one point I wanted to indicate to the Race team that I was stopping. My legs ached and my lungs felt short on air but the most important thing was that I maintained my pace even when I wanted to push myself to keep up with the people ahead of me. I didn’t run the entire race, there were points I had to slow down to a walk but I am proud of the fact that kept my goal in sight and finished strongly.

After the race I found myself thinking that life is like this race. In fact my Christian journey is like this race. There are times when you feel like you can’t go any further. There are points when you just want to give up. There are points when you are battered and bruised so badly that you just want to throw in the towel. Sometimes it seems that even the persons you started with are way ahead of you. But let me tell you something. It is not how fast you run the race. It is how you endure. The important thing is that you finish.

He that endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. – Matthew 24:13

Another important thing that I learnt from this experience is the importance of running your own race. Some people will start out fast and you in trying to keep up with them, burn out quickly not knowing that these people have built up their stamina from experience. Know your stamina level and pace your race to fit that level. I passed many persons along the way who started strongly but couldn’t finish because their stamina ran out yet I endured because I ran my own race and paced myself by my standards.

One final thing, I also had the pleasure of seeing three friends. Two had their arms around the third as they encouraged her to run. This sight hit me with one final lesson. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and provide support when you feel like giving up.

With these little details under your belt, I believe that you will have no problem finishing life races strongly. Keep running loveys.


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I am a dynamic young lady who loves the Lord and seek to have a joy that no one can take away. My all-time favourite thing to do is gaining discoveries by design from My Father during our time each day. Reading, learning and trying new things falls behind in a close second place. My dream is to use my God-given talents to positively impact as many people as possible. As a proud Wolmerian, with a zest for life, I adhere to the “Age Quod Agis” motto in that whatsoever I do, I always do it to the best of my ability.

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  1. Chan my dear this was definitely a good read. I could definitely identify with everything you spoke about from the 5k run to the Christian journey. Keep up the good work. You’re getting better and better. Xoxo

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