Pass IT on

Today I was reminded of a little song that we used to sing in primary school. I haven’t heard this song in years but it holds a message that I hope will resonate with you. It begins with you! So pass IT on! I couldn’t find a nice video so I’m going to share the lyrics with you.

Verse 1:
It only takes a spark to get a fire going
And soon all those around can warm up to its glowing
That’s how it is with God’s love ohoh
Once you’ve experienced it,
You want to sing, it’s fresh like spring
You want to pass it on.

I’ll shout it from the mountain top ohoh
I want the world to know
The God of love has come to me
And I want to pass it on

Verse 2:
I wish for you my friend,
This happiness that I’ve found.
You can depend on Him
It matters not where you are bound.


I hope by now you have all figured out what the “IT” is. Start your day tomorrow and pass IT on. I love you loveys.



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I am a dynamic young lady who loves the Lord and seek to have a joy that no one can take away. My all-time favourite thing to do is gaining discoveries by design from My Father during our time each day. Reading, learning and trying new things falls behind in a close second place. My dream is to use my God-given talents to positively impact as many people as possible. As a proud Wolmerian, with a zest for life, I adhere to the “Age Quod Agis” motto in that whatsoever I do, I always do it to the best of my ability.

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