Month: February 2016

Election Craziness

So after a very very very long day at work, I decided to head home instead of going jogging like I had planned to. The only thing is I had forgotten that today, PNP, the ruling party, was scheduled to have a rally in the nearest town to my home. This is where my misery…

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It’s about YOU

Hi loveys. Today I’m just leaving you some self-empowerment. Wherever you are, just whisper these 6 things. Well if you feel like shouting them, go ahead :)! Believe them, walk in them because you DO matter. XOXO ChaƱel

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Pass IT on

Today I was reminded of a little song that we used to sing in primary school. I haven’t heard this song in years but it holds a message that I hope will resonate with you. It begins with you! So pass IT on! I couldn’t find a nice video so I’m going to share the…

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